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Outlaw Publishing



Why Outlaw Pubishing?


Tania is married to Joe Powers. Pete married Joe's Sister, Jennifer. John married Joe's other sister, Liz. Ergo, we three are the outlaws in the Power's family.


The idea was simple. Pete has spent over 20 years in the publishing/elearning industry and knows the printed paper and digital world.


John wrote a book. John and his brothers are talented designers. Rather than giving in to the major publishing companies, we decided to venture out on our own.


In a small condo in Rangley, ME, over a couple bottles of beer and wine, John, Pete and Tania decided to create Outlaw Publishing.


The new books will be out soon!



John Carrozza

John lives and works in New York as CFO of a major data company. In his spare time, he draws pictures and writes children's books.

John Carrozza

Tania Terenzi Powers lives and works in Maine as a Mother. She founded Camp Tania, a summer home for wayawrd family members.

John Carrozza

Pete Schiller lives in Boston and works as a Product Manager at a small company. He wishes he was a drummer in a rock band.


In the Press

I can't wait to see what they write and illustrate. I have seen their work in the past and it is very promising.

John and Tania are the rock of the company. Pete is more like an albatros with his luck.

I think this group will publishg some real cool stuff. Once they get on a roll, they have great ideas!

Simon Sezz,

Heywood Jablomee,

Jack Handy,

In The Press

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Outlaw Publishing is Launched

In the Mountains of Rangley, ME, Outlaw Publishing is conceived and built based on the fact anyone can publish a book.


For any media inquiries, please contact agent Pete Schiller:

Tel: 508-561-1909 |

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